Customer Comments


Fun and Easy

Dieting is fun and easy again. Thank you!
—K. Paek

No Hunger

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have been on every diet known, and DietPower is the first program that makes me feely totally in control! I've lost 25 pounds and I have not had to starve myself to death! I eat what I want and when I want, but DietPower has trained me to make smarter choices. I still have another 40 pounds to lose, but I have no doubt that I will get there and be happy doing it!
—Yvette Workman, Maryland

Best by Far

I have tried several programs to help keep myself accountable in controlling my weight. DietPower is by far the best on the market. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a powerful, easy-to-use program that provides the constant analysis and feedback necessary to motivate one to succeed.
—Don Watson

Can't Fail

Your program's unique Calorie Feedback™ technology is wonderful. It guarantees that if you track your food and exercise, you can't fail.
—Dan Rosenthal, Los Altos, Calif


Awesome program! I love the fact that I don't have to attend meetings, I don't have to lay out money every week to get important information, I can pick foods I normally eat and make that work for me. I really appreciate the independence the program provides—and I NEVER have to do the math! Thank you for developing such a super program and pricing it so reasonably.
—Susan MacNeil

Surprisingly Fast

I've used DietPower for over 100 days. At first I thought logging meals would be time-consuming—but it isn't. The program's feedback has helped me lose weight and understand what I am really eating.
—Tom Jarvis, Chicago, Ill.

Real Control

I rated DietPower a "10" on your marketing survey and would have given it more if allowed. For the first time in my life, I am gaining REAL control over my diet and exercise.
—J. David Cansler, Aiken, S.C.

Visual Feedback

I've already lost 11 pounds, with another 10 to go. The greatest aspect of your program is the chart that tracks my progress. The visual feedback is incredibly motivating. And the wonderful ability to log foods while totaling their nutrients is very helpful.
—Michael Paitich

No Garbage

It's so nice to read intelligent, researched information on dieting, instead of all the hyped-up garbage that's popular because a bunch of celebrities are doing it.
—Dawn Housel

Joy to Use

I am a software designer by trade. One of the hallmarks of a great program is how quickly it becomes part of your life. DietPower is fantastic! The icons make me want to enter information. The small touches—such as right-clicking on a food and having it come up red, yellow, or green to tell me whether it's a good choice, the water droplet vs. cactus to show water intake, and the screensaver that displays my progress on an easy-to-read chart—make DietPower a joy to use. I wish my money-management software was this well written!
—Tracy Fussell

Knows You

One of DietPower's biggest advantages is the feature that zeroes in on your metabolic rate. Other programs just assign you an assumed average, but since that's a major factor in how many calories you have to consume to reach your target, an arbitrary number renders the other programs (at least for diet planning) useless. Thanks for designing a great program!
—Bob Freschlin, Orlando, Fla.


As I considered various programs, I found DietPower was the only one to combine a sufficient feature set with value and credibility. Your program exhibits a degree of professionalism that builds trust, which is key. The program is worth every penny I paid.
—Brett Clawson


I don't know what I'd do without my DietPower—I'm hooked!
—Kim Wright

Doc Impressed

I recently discussed your program with my physician, who was very impressed. He has passed the information on to his dietitian and asked me to continue sending in my progress reports. Your program has made me a healthier person.
—Jim Bachmann

Passing it On

I love this system, and the free-trial disk is making the rounds through my bridge club!
—Camilla T. Coolidge, Gulfport, Miss.


Your software is incredible. I've tried others, and there's no comparison.
—Maureen West


This is indeed the Cadillac of the diet software.
—Réal Laurin

Scientific Accuracy

I really appreciate the scientific accuracy of your newsletters. I especially enjoy the articles debunking misleading health claims—the story on coral calcium, for example. I hate to see people spend their hard-earned money on snake oil.
—Megan Stephan, Ph.D. biologist, Cheshire, Conn.

The Only One

I have three other diet programs, and yours is the best—in fact, the only one that is convenient enough to log my meals.
—Kathy Hlavaty


I regularly use about ten different software programs. It's rare that software is as USEFUL, EASY, and POWERFUL as DietPower. And it's UNIQUE to have such excellent customer support.
—Rob Seltzer


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