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Easy Balance

I've always been confused about what exactly to eat while I work to gain muscle and lose fat. DietPower makes balancing my nutrients so easy. I just enter a food into my daily food log, and the fat/carb/protein pie chart instantly tells me if I'm on the right track. I can play with different foods I like and with the portion sizes until I get exactly the balance I need. And it only takes a minute, because the pie chart is instant feedback. I absolutely LOVE DietPower! It's the best purchase I've made in years.
—Elaine Corwin, Connecticut

12 Weeks

During a get-in-shape contest at Gold's Gym, I used your program to watch my diet. On January 15, I put in my current weight and set my goal for April 7. From then on, I religiously logged everything I ate, using DietPower, and kept to the program's suggested calorie intake. I also exercised and logged that as well.

At the end of this period, I have lost over 24 pounds, gone from 25.6-percent body fat to 15-percent, and lost six inches in my waist and four inches in my hips. I went from a tight size 36 pants to a loose size 32—all in 12 weeks.

I owe part of this transformation to DietPower. It made it very easy to manage my nutrition.

My wife used DietPower during this period, as well. She did not exercise at all and lost 30 pounds. I tell everyone about DietPower. It's great!
—Brian Ropp

Competitive Edge

DietPower has been a fantastic tool for my training for the Boston-to-New York AIDS Bicycle Ride. All of my friends are commenting on how much weight I've dropped (15 pounds so far). Even better, my riding buddies are finding it harder to drop me on hills. I can't wait to lose the next 7 pounds and start dropping them on climbs.
—Adam Solomon, Brookline, Mass.

Fitness vs. Health

I first learned about DietPower from the Discovery Health Channel, where someone used your program to win the first Body Challenge. At the time, I knew I was hauling around an extra 30 pounds—but I was also racing mountain bikes and considered myself fit. DietPower showed me there is a difference between fitness and health. I put myself on a more balanced diet, and those 30 pounds disappeared in a few months. I still use the program to help my body learn when "enough is enough" at the dinner table. Your product has changed my life, and I have passed the knowledge on to my children as well.
—Clay Fife, Gresham, Ore.

24 Flights

About a month ago, I started on a program with DietPower and exercise. I have lost 12.2 pounds and 12 inches—pretty remarkable for a 46-year-old, morbidly obese woman with an underactive thyroid and asthma. For each workout, I climb 24 flights of stairs in my apartment building and walk the hallways 150 times. Before, I could barely climb four flights and walk the hallways twice. Now I've added some low-impact aerobics to my regime. What a journey!

I have also made it a personal contest to improve one area of my diet each week. DietPower showed me that I lacked selenium, one of the key nutrients for the thyroid. Since adding selenium-rich foods to my diet, I am losing weight more easily.

100,000 blessings on you for the difference you've made in my life.
—Angela McCoy, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


I'm a power lifter who used DietPower to get ready for the Hurricane Bay drug-free bodybuilding championships. Your software helped me go from 260 pounds at 27-percent body fat to 185 pounds at 5-percent body fat in just nine months. I won second place in my weight class—and it was only my first show!

For 15 years I kept all that data by hand in notebooks, but DietPower made it a thousand times easier. Your product is great!
—Fan in New Port Richey, Fla.


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