Customer Comments


Lowering Risk

I've been using your software for more than a year—not as a weight-loss tool (I'm in the Navy Reserves, so it's my duty to maintain a healthy weight), but because I'm at high risk of developing Type II diabetes and would like to avoid it. DietPower has helped me discover secrets about my eating habits that I never knew. For example, my sodium levels were high; I tend to binge on the weekends; and my energy levels or moods are sensitive to some foods.

Maintaining my weight, eating healthier (even on weekends), and tracking my nutrients have been a lot easier since I bought DietPower. I love using the software, and it only takes a few minutes a day to keep track of everything.
—Michelle Hurt

Happier Couple

I decided to help my husband learn better eating when we found out he was diabetic. By the time DietPower's trial was over, we were both losing weight. Ten months later, I've lost over 60 pounds and four dress sizes. Meanwhile, Carter has lost 15 pounds, learned to better manage his sugar intake, and to control his diabetes without medication.

DietPower has been invaluable in showing how important it is to KNOW what goes into our body and how it affects us. Thank you and all at DietPower for providing such a fun and comprehensive way to change our lives.
—Angela Smith

Doctor Impressed

Thanks to DietPower, my blood pressure and glucose readings have dropped, which means I probably won't have to begin taking diabetes medication. I've given my doctor printouts of my daily nutrient profiles. He was thoroughly impressed with the program's thoroughness, yet simplicity, and downloaded your free trial to his personal computer. He is now advising his computer-savvy patients to use DietPower as a weight-loss tool.
—Bruce Malo, Cape Coral, Fla.

Light-Years Ahead

I'm using DietPower to manage my pre-diabetes. It's a great program, light-years ahead of anything else I looked at.
—John Bullerwell


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