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Our company's mission is to help millions of people improve their nutrition. Because everyone is different, we can do a better job if we know more about you. But your personal information is yours. That's why everyone at DietPower adheres to four simple rules.
  1. We ask only for information that benefits you.

    When you fill out a form, do you ever find yourself inquiring, "Why do they want to know that?" Usually you feel this way because you don't see a personal advantage in giving the information. At DietPower, you always will.
  2. We store your diet records on your own computer.

    Unlike diet websites, we do not snoop in your personal food, weight, and exercise logs in search of data that can be used for spamming you with marketing messages. (We don't spam anyone.* We're Not That Kind of Company™.) At some future date, we may begin sending you offers keyed to your personal interests—but only after asking your permission.
  3. We shield your information from third parties.

    If the maker of, say, a new low-sodium soup wants to send free samples to people interested in hypertension, we'll pass the samples along to people who've requested such offers—but we'll never tell the advertiser who's getting them.
  4. We delete the information if you ask.

    Your records are yours. If you want to change or remove any fact, just contact us.
It is possible for independent DietPower dealers to send unsolicited emails, but we strongly discourage this. If you receive one, please contact us.

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