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Screen Shots

Clicking any picture in this tour will open DietPower's help topic for that screen, where you can see all of its features.

9. Recipe Printout

Click to open the Recipe Box's help topic.
Fold on the dotted line and you have a standard 4 x 6 recipe card. (To create recipes, use the Recipe Box. It will also let you email your creations.) (Open this feature's help topic.)

10. Dictionary Abridger

Click to open the Dictionary Abridger's help topic.
This dialog lets you decide which food sets will appear in your Food Dictionary. (Open this feature's help topic.)

11. Exercise Log

Click to open the Exercise Log's help topic.
Your workout log behaves like the Food Log, except that it also offers this calculator for activities whose "burn rates" depend on speed. (Open this feature's help topic.)

12. Body History

Click to open the Body History's help topic.
Instead of DietPower's logo, your Home Screen can display a history of your weight or some other value. Here, your actual, target, and projected weights are shown in red, blue, and green. (Open this feature's help topic.)
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