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Screen Shots

Clicking any picture in this tour will open DietPower's help topic for that screen, where you can see all of its features.

1. Home Screen

Click to open the Home Screen's help topic.
This is the screen you see when you first enroll in DietPower. The row of buttons at the top is your gateway to all of the program's features. (You can change your Home Screen to display a graph of your Body History.) (Open this feature's help topic.)

2. Personal Information Form

Click to open the Personal Information Form's help topic.
DietPower starts by asking your name, age, height, and special health concerns. These help the program set up your files and begin customizing your nutrient requirements. (Open this feature's help topic.)

3. Ideal-Weight Calculator

Click to open the Ideal Weight Calculator's help topic.
Here's a partial view of the Ideal Weight screen, showing one woman's results. (Open this feature's help topic.)

4. Goal Setter

Click to open the Goal Setter's help topic.
Designing a diet is easy. Just click the red arrows to adjust the time span; then drag the blue paddle toward your desired weight. Meanwhile, watch the red figures at the bottom—they tell how difficult the diet will be. (Open this feature's help topic.)
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