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Weight Loss

DietPower is the only program that guarantees reaching a goal weight on a target date, because it adjusts to your metabolism instead of assuming you're average. As a result, if you faithfully log your meals and keep your calorie bank balanced (neither overeating nor undereating), you can't fail to reach your intended weight on schedule. (To see why, click here.)

Because DietPower continually shows you which foods are healthful, yet filling, you needn't starve, either. Most users say it's surprising how seldom they feel hungry.

You will also arrive at your goal with a new-found knack for balancing your nutrient intake. The program teaches good nutrition effortlessly.

Weight Maintenance

Download DietPower free trialAfter reaching your goal, you can use DietPower to keep your weight exactly where you want it. When the program sees a change in your metabolism, it automatically tweaks your daily budgets to prevent gain or loss. It adjusts for water retention from high sodium intake or menstrual cycles. It even fills in the blanks if you skip logging foods for a few days.

Weight Gain

If you're one of the 10 percent of adults who need to gain weight, you'll find DietPower an excellent tool. Just set your goal weight and target date; then stick to your daily budgets and you'll put on pounds at precisely the rate you want. You can even use our PowerFoods function to find foods that are high in calories but low in nutrients that you want to avoid.


DietPower is the only program on the market that shows which of your favorite foods will most improve your nutrition if eaten now. It gives you real-time knowledge of your intake of 33 vital nutrients —not only for today, but also for the past week, month, quarter, and year. It shows which foods have given you which nutrients, and in what amounts. It also color-codes every food so that you can instantly see what to eat or avoid. It even shows your "smart second" —the food that will help you most if you double the amount you've already eaten. For details see our Food Log help topic or Food Log video tour.

Heart Disease

Besides controlling your weight, DietPower helps you manage your intake of cholesterol, fats, and other nutrients important in preventing or fighting heart disease. You can set your Personal Daily Allowance of each nutrient to whatever level your cardiologist recommends. Thousands of cardio patients have used DietPower to track calories they burn in exercise, lower their triglycerides, raise their intake of "good" fats, and improve their general nutrition. Many also use our Recipe Box to doctor their favorite dishes for lower fat or sodium.


DietPower is especially good for controlling your intake of cholesterol, fats,sodium, potassium, selenium, and other nutrients important in lowering blood pressure and lipids to curb arterial plaque. Your doctor can even monitor your progress towards better nutrition by reading printouts of your Nutrient History.


Many diabetics use DietPower to control their intake of carbohydrates and sugars. You can also keep a graph of your blood sugar readings, body measurements, and other data by using our Custom Variables function. And of course DietPower helps you control one of the most important risk factors in diabetes: your weight. (To visit our diabetes section, click here.)


DietPower helps you manage your intake of nutrients important in cancer prevention and therapy, including the antioxidants vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and selenium, as well as fats and fiber. If you change your daily allowance of these or other nutrients, DietPower will calculate your reports against your special allowances instead of the defaults.


Download DietPower FREEFor bone health, DietPower provides continuous monitoring of calcium and vitamin D intake. Its Food Dictionary shows the content of both nutrients in 21,000 foods. Its PowerFoods function will identify items unusually rich in either nutrient. Your Nutrient History will show which foods you've eaten that gave you the most of each.

Thyroid Disease

DietPower is ideal for thyroid patients trying to manage their weight, because it automatically adjusts their calorie budgets to metabolic anomalies and fluctuations. They also use DietPower to control their intake of thyroid-sensitive nutrients such as iron and zinc. (The program does not monitor iodine, however.)


Besides helping you eat more intelligently, DietPower tracks the calories you burn in exercise. Our Exercise Log includes more than 1000 physical activities. It knows how to factor for your body weight, performance speed, and even the air temperature where you're working out.

Weight Loss Drugs and Supplements

Because DietPower is the only nutrition program that monitors your metabolism, it "notices" when a drug has raised or lowered your calorie needs, and automatically adjusts your budgets accordingly. The program works with Alli, Dexatrim, Ephedra, Green Tea, Hoodia, Leptopril, Leptoprin, Medibase, Medifast, Meridia, Metabolife, Phentermine, Optifast, Relacore, Slim-Fast, Xenadrine, Xenical, and hundreds of others.

Weight Loss Surgery

After surgery, DietPower detects the drop in your metabolic rate and rapidly adjusts your calorie budget to suit. You can also choose a constant calorie budget at any level your doctor recommends. The program is especially good for making sure you are getting enough of each major nutrient despite your lowered food intake. If you are prescribed special supplements, recipes, or foods, you can easily add these to its Food Dictionary so they are always available for your Food Log. You can take printouts of your Food Log and Nutrient History on doctor visits, or even email your records if your doctor or dietitian is a DietPower user.


Bodybuilders use DietPower to make sure they're getting adequate protein, iron, and other muscle-enhancing nutrients. The program also keeps track of calories they burn in weight lifting and other bodybuilding exercise. If you have a personal trainer who uses DietPower, you can email your eating and exercise records to him or her.


Using our Recipe Box, you can create an umlimited number of recipes by combining ingredients from our 21,000-entry Food Dictionary. You can also "doctor" your recipes to lower fat, sodium, cholesterol, and other unwanted nutrients. Every recipe carries a complete analysis of 33 vital nutrients. You can print out recipes or even email them to friends.


DietPower is an excellent tool for nutrition and fitness educators and coaches.



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