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How to Avoid a Heart Attack

By Terry Dunkle, DietPower Editor-in-Chief

It took a heart attack to convince Carl Unlaub, a hospital director in Dumas, Texas, that he wasn't eating right. DietPower showed him how to mend his ways without going hungry. It also helped him quickly lower his risk of a recurrence. Here is his story, in his own words:

Two Months After Discovering DietPower

"I suffered a 'widowmaker' heart attack eight weeks ago, on January 7. Prompt treatment with Heparin and PTA (clotbuster) prevented significant heart muscle damage, and a stent installed two days later kept things running.


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"My immediate task was to bring down my cholesterol from 273 to 200 or less and my LDL from 176 to 100. I am an active person and thought that I was eating reasonably, but clearly the presence of plaque in life-threatening quantities was ample proof that I was nearly dead wrong!

"Upon return from the hospital, I began a diet very low in fat, which with the Lipitor should produce results over time. I also got on the Internet and found repeated references to DietPower as a software package worth looking at. I downloaded a trial copy and put it to work.

"First, I set my Personal Daily Allowance for cholesterol to 200 mg. The original daily calorie allowance given me by DietPower was about 2400. (I specified my desire to get from 227 pounds to 190 pounds by the end of December 2001.) Over the first 10 days, it was gradually adjusted to about 1950 calories as DietPower 'learned' my metabolic rate. I was able to stay under that figure—in fact, was able to go two or three days well under my cholesterol limit and then 'pig out' on an eight-ounce steak!

"My wife and I both cook, and found the program's Food Dictionary and Recipe Box to be not only easy to use but very useful in checking our favorite recipes. We were able to substitute Eggbeaters, non-fat cheeses, and other low- or non-fat ingredients in many recipes and bring them well within our allowed limits. For example, we enjoyed a delicious pizza last night, with non-fat mozzarella cheese, shredded turkey pastrami, and shredded Morningstar Farms breakfast patties—half of a 12-inch pizza cost me only 20 milligrams of cholesterol and 327 calories! Without DietPower, I would still be eating tasteless garbage!

"But the best was yet to come. On February 27, just seven weeks after my heart attack, my cholesterol was found to be down to 159 and my LDL to 85! My diet had worked, it was good eating, and DietPower had helped me learn to do it. I would not go anywhere without it!

"(In fact, we took a three-day trip, carried the laptop along, and recorded every meal before the next. We knew exactly how many calories, fat grams, and cholesterol milligrams were still 'permitted' before we picked up the menu. Eating out is tough on a diet, but DietPower made it simple, fun, and amazingly accurate.)

"DietPower is a great product. It has been very instrumental in helping me recover my health (and life!), and I congratulate you and your team on its accuracy and simplicity."

20 Months Later

Download DietPower free trial"My cholesterol is still holding in the healthy range, although, after losing 24 pounds, I let 18 creep back on last Christmas. I have now lost 9 of those 18 and hope to keep the momentum during the upcoming holidays by patience, perseverance, and lots of celery (7 calories and 122 milligrams of potassium per stalk—good for weight and blood pressure).

"The point is, DietPower won't do it for you—but it will confront you every day with the reasons you are not making the progress you desire. Deep down inside, the dieter has to have the itch that tells him or her to do what the program makes abundantly clear."

(To email Unlaub, click here.)

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