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Screen Shots

Clicking any picture in this tour will open DietPower's help topic for that screen, where you can see all of its features.

17. Food Coach

Click to open the Food Coach's help topic.
Click any nutrient and your Food Coach will open, telling whether you're high or low in that nutrient and which foods to eat or avoid if you want to improve your intake. (Open this feature's help topic.)

18. WaterMinder™

Click to open the WaterMinder's help topc.
Most people get too little water. The WaterMinder™ alerts you when your intake falls behind schedule. (Open this feature's help topic.)

19. Calendar

Click to open the Calendar's help topic.
Use this to keep a diary or schedule appointments. It also lets you return to your logs for any day in the past and make corrections. The changes immediately cascade to today's calorie budget and nutrient charts. (Open this feature's help topic.)

20. Diet History

Click to open the Diet History's help topic.
This is a complete record of every diet you've been on since joining DietPower. Among other things, it shows how your metabolic rate fluctuates over time. (Open this feature's help topic.)
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