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If you'd rather not use our secure online Health Shop, you can order by mail, phone, fax, or email. Start by printing and filling out this page. Then send the information to the address or number listed on our Contact Page at

1. DietPower Product You Are Ordering

Check all that apply. If you're ordering more than one of any item, enter the number you're ordering instead of a checkmark.

2. Add This to Your Order?

3. Sales Tally

$ ______.___ SUBTOTAL (including shipping and handling shown above)
$ ______.___ SALES TAX (add 6.35% if you live in Connecticut)
$ ______.___ TOTAL

4. If you're ordering a key…

…start up the installation of DietPower that you want to unlock, click the Buy Now button, and write the Installation Number below. (If you're ordering a key for more than one computer, you must do this for each computer. Your license will allow up to four people who live in your household to use DietPower on any computer anywhere, provided only those four use it. Violating the license is a federal crime, and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.)

  1. Installation Number: _______ - _______
  2. Installation Number: _______ - _______
  3. Installation Number: _______ - _______

5. Information About You

6. Payment Information

Make checks payable to "DietPower." Don't forget to add 6.35% sales tax if you live in Connecticut.

7. Where to Send This Information

See our Contact Page at

8. When to Expect Delivery

We normally process mail orders by the second business day after receiving your check or payment information. CDs are mailed First Class from our headquarters in Connecticut. Keys are emailed to the address you cite in section 5, above.

7. Questions?

See our Contact Page at

—DietPower Sales Department

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